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British Toilet Association : Consultation Service

Each year we visit many hundreds of public toilets throughout the UK, provided by both local authorities and other operators. Over the years we have built up a unique fund of practical experience, covering every aspect of toilet provision and operation - and most importantly this knowledge is centred on the views and requirements of the user.

Through Loo of the Year Awards, promoted by BTA, our vision is that every 'away from home' toilet, certainly every Local Authority public toilet, will receive an annual independent assessment and appropriate star rating.

In the meantime, the BTA is ready and able to visit any type of provider - Local Authority or commercial as well as health, education and hospitality establishments, to discuss current standards of provision, future strategy and issues relevant to design, layout, product and service needs, security and maintenance - as well as marketing or revenue generating opportunities.

The BTA range of consultation services for providers of public or 'away from home' toilet include:

  • A review of toilets provided and a follow up report on each toilet visited with recommendations for improvement.
  • Discussions with relevant management on toilet related issues, if required at specific toilet locations.
  • Assistance with new toilet design and equipment specification, with contact referrals to BTA approved suppliers/contractors.
  • Assistance with identification of appropriate cleaning materials and methods.
  • Assistance with issues relating to security, social misuse and special needs users.
  • Presentation of BTA best practice proposals relating to ‘away from home’ toilets.
  • Attendance at provider management / review group meetings to discuss issues and answer questions.
  • Assistance with Disability Discrimination Act compliance for accessible toilets.
  • Assistance with issues relating to Gender Equality Act and other legal obligations viz-a-viz the provision of public access toilets.
  • Assistance with the development and implementation of commercial / community toilet schemes involving other, existing toilet providers within the local community area.

We recommend the following course of action for our Consultation Service:

  1. An initial meeting to establish areas of investigation and agree tasks,
    timescales and costs.
  2. Carry out tasks with on going discussions as necessary.
  3. Prepare detailed report giving recommended actions with optional follow up meeting to discuss results.
BTA Consultation Service Charges
Introductory Meeting: (½ Day) to cover initial meeting and subsequent preparation of action plan and costings.
  BTA Members - £365 Non-Members - £395
Day Rates: BTA Members - £595 per day Non-members - £645
Expenses: Mileage at 45p per mile and any additional costs incurred, i.e. accommodation and subsistence.
All charges are subject to VAT