Campaigning for better public toilets for all

'Where Can I Go': How Do I Become Involved?

Typical reasons given by authorities’ for inactivity

  • Capital cost of new toilets
  • Cost of refurbishment of abused or neglected facilities
  • Cost of cleaning and maintenance to attain satisfactory standards
  • Vandalism accepted as insoluble

Consequences of authorities’ inactivity

  • Lack of facilities for residents and visitors
  • Old and disabled prevented from leaving their homes
  • Loss of attractiveness of area without toilet facilities
  • Cost of street cleaning of urine and faeces due to lack of toilets
  • Loss of visitors
  • Loss of trade
  • Loss of reputation

If the above are affecting your life, or the life of those close to you, or you believe these situations are unacceptable, you can involve start a ‘Where can I go?’ Campaign.

Actions you can take include

  • Write a letter/email of complaint to the toilet provider (Local Authority or company)
  • Write a letter/email to the local press expressing your concerns
  • Contact the local Radio and TV stations and tell them about your ‘Where can I go?’ Campaign
  • Write an editorial for the local press or magazines
  • Write to you local Councillor
  • Write to your MP, and or prospective parliamentary candidate if nearing an election(toilets are an emotive subject and those that act gain support)
  • Organise a petition and gain signatures from those who wish to support your campaign.
  • Use Blogs and Twitter to spread details of your campaign to a wider audience
  • Publicise success
Advise BTA ( of your activities and successes